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Sito Ufficiale: Hotel Apollo Roma

Hotel Apollo Roma

Hotel Apollo Rome - 24 Rooms Three Star Hotel in the historical center of Rome


Small, welcoming and satisfying, the Hotel Apollo Rome is a 3 star hotel situated in the historic Rione Monti zone in the heart of Rome under the shadow of the iconic Colosseum.  Opened as far back as 1935, the Hotel Apollo Rome offers guests a selection of 24 modern rooms divided into single, double, matrimonial and triple. This wide assortment of rooms means that the hotel holds a broad appeal and attracts a variety of guests but is especially popular amongst families and couples. One of the hotel’s unique characteristics is its rooftop terrace providing the perfect location to have breakfast and soak up Rome’s mild climate in peace.


The principal objective of the collaborative project for this 3 star hotel in the centre of Rome, just a stone’s throw away from the Roman Forum and Colosseum, was to create a website which was independent of intermediary tour operators and travel agencies thus maximising the profit for the hotel itself and reducing the price of rooms for the guests. The hotel would also become less reliant on websites such as Venere which received a greater share of commission on reservations. It was also important to upgrade the hotel’s Photo Gallery and really highlight its unique selling points. Many hotels would kill for a panoramic rooftop terrace like that of the Hotel Apollo Rome’s and it was important that this quality be marketed appropriately.

Fisheyes e Hotel Apollo Rome

After consulting the Hotel Apollo Rome, Fisheyes reflected on how to redesign the hotel’s website and to install an efficient and effective online booking system. This system would communicate directly with the Hotel Apollo Rome when customers finalised booking a room.


This project began in 2005 and, as stipulated in the intentions of the hotel, the establishment has managed to reduce the commission it pays to third parties and to other web portals. As a result of this, profit has increased and this 3 star hotel in the centre of Rome is looking forward to growing even more.


After identifying the principal ambitions and aspirations of the Hotel Apollo Rome and planning the appropriate actions to implement in order to achieve these goals, the project ran very smoothly and was a complete success on completion. The Hotel Apollo Rome’s clear ideas right from the project’s inception greatly facilitated its success and bodes well for the hotel’s future.